Portable Refrigeration
Portable Morgue Refrigerators, Mobile Mortuary Refrigerators
KF Series
KF Series
KF Series

Dimensions:8' (243cm) L x 3'3" (99cm) W x 4'7" (cm) H

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Portable Morgue Refrigerators & Freezers Mopec provides a variety of mobile mortuary refrigerators and freezers for labs. One model is the Portable RI Cart refrigerator. It comes without the floor and is to be used with roll-in carts. We also offer a portable morgue freezer with no floor. The floor under this room must be insulated to specifications to avoid frost build up and/or structural damage. We also offer mobile mortuary refrigerators and freezers with floors and casters. With these models, the entire room is to be mounted on an angle iron frame assembly with six casters. All portable morgue refrigeration units come unassembled, but do include an assembly manual.